Online Training

We're pleased to announce our partnership with Beauty Training System to offer online courses for Cosmetology, Esthetician, Nails, Barbering, Hair Design, and Instructor programs. offers online courses with videos, course materials, quizzes, and exams.

You can earn training hours at home or anywhere with a computer and Internet access. These hours will be counted toward your total training hours required by WA DOL.

When you sign up and enroll at, please make the first payment before you start your program.  The first payment allows us to purchase book and learning kits for you. You can pay securely on the website because the payment processing is performed via Stripe's Payment System.



The microblading programs are designed for anyone who is interested in the new, exciting field of permanent makeup of the eyebrows.

Students will take blood borne training, apply for Washington permanent makeup artist license, use blades on practice skins, learn color theory, draw eyebrow shapes, and practice on live models under instructors' supervision. Sanitation and safety procedures will be introduced, and after-care practices will be taught.


Cosmetology (1600 Hours)

This program covers coloring, high-light, perms, straight perms, thermal iron, up-do, facial, manicure, hair-cut for men & women, styling, and much more.  With a license in cosmetology, you can open your own salon in Washington state.


Nails (600 Hours)

This program trains students on acrylic nails (pink & white & gel), nail tips, nail wrap, manicure, pedicure, nail design, etc.

Each student is provided with a full and high quality toolkit during the learning period. Additionally, a separate toolkit is also provided to the students upon taking the state board exam. The kit also includes a copy of the "MiLady" book.


Barbering (1000 hours)

In this program, the students will learn how to perform high quality  haircuts for male and female customers of all ages. Students will also be trained on various skills including beard trimming, shaving, etc.


Esthetician (750 hours)

This program trains the students on the topics of skin care, eyelash extensions, facial mask, facial massage, manual extraction, tweezing, waxing, and production consultation.


Instructor Training (500 hours)

For this program, prospective instructors will learn and practice managing a classroom and training students. Further training includes record keeping and classroom social skills that effectively improves your teaching skills. Being an instructor is the highest honor a person can earn in the field.


Eyelash Extensions (40 hours)

Students will learn and practice how to pick up the lash, use the right amount of adhesive for a secure bond, isolate so lashes do not stick together, and apply appropriate design to suit different eye shapes.  

Contact us at 206-696-6490 to reserve an appointment.  
We will walk you through the enrollment process and answer any questions you might have.  New classes begin at the beginning of each month.  
We are licensed by the State of Washington.