3D Eyebrows Microblading: How do you deal with oily skin?

Kim just figured out a very good way to deal with oily skin.  As you might have known, retaining colors for oily skin is very difficult.  Luckily, Kim have found a way and she has tested out.  We’ll teach the new technique in class soon!

Stop by and learn something new this weekend!  We have class in Seattle on March 25-26.  More classes in Vegas, Denver, Vancouver, Boise, etc. next month!

Vancouver, WA, Class March 4-5 2017

Vancouver WA

We had great fun with this microblading class.  Great foods at the Japanese Buffet and Thai restaurants.



Seattle Microblading Class, February 11-12, 18-19

Pictures from Seattle February 2017 Class

Basic Style #2

Basic Style #2

Some Head Stroke Styles

Head Stroke Styles, Practice #1

Every day I try to practice, even for 10 or 15 minutes.  I can’t stress more that it’s very important and essential to simulate on latex skin every single day if you want to improve your strokes.